David Martins

2018 Summer Fellow

David Martins is a social scientist studying ethnographic and qualitative research, with particular emphasis on global cultures, critical theory, post-colonial studies, social inequalities, and indigenous rights. He is passionate about ethnographic work that leads to social awareness and equality. As a professional of color and first-generation college graduate, David’s passions stem from both academic and personal reasons. He graduated from Florida International University with a degree in cultural anthropology.

Q&A with David

What was conducting interviews like?
Conducting the interviews, especially in Spanish, was a great experience. Many people who live in this country feel their voices are seldom heard, and they appreciate being listened to.

How has working with the American Voices Project impacted you?
My experience as a fellow helped me grow as both a person and a research scientist. After all the classroom and theoretical training in research methods, it felt good to get on the ground and apply what I had learned. There is a lot to be gained from looking in the eyes of a real person and hearing their story… and that cannot be duplicated in a classroom.

What advice do you have for future research fellows?
The more time fellows spend in their communities, the more comfortable they’ll feel, and the more comfortable the neighbors will be with them. I was also surprised at how versatile you need to be as a field researcher. You need to be able to “roll with the punches.”

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Working on the American Voices Project gave me the chance to join a team with top scholars, high-level trainers, and talented and smart fellow researchers.