In 2018, the American Voices Project conducted a pilot in Southern California.
Read about the experiences of some of the fellows and grad scholars who fielded the pilot.

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ROLE | Fellow
SCHOOL | University of Montana

“I learned a lot from my time spent recruiting and interviewing in rural areas this summer. Though the roads were bumpy and unpredictable, and approaching houses was challenging, my field partner and I conducted some of our most touching, fascinating, and profound interviews with the families we met in these areas.”

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ROLE | Fellow
SCHOOL | Stanford University

“This summer has helped me see how important it is to listen to the people around us. I now have a better understanding of what life is like for people in rural and suburban Southern California, and I would never have had the privilege of hearing these stories without this experience. I also learned a great deal about myself in the process, as I am deciding what I want to study, and ultimately what sort of impact I want to have.”

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ROLE | Fellow
SCHOOL | Florida International University

“Hearing people’s stories helped me gain a better perspective on the large challenge in front of us to reach socioeconomic equality.”

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ROLE | Grad Scholar
SCHOOL | University of California, Los Angeles

“Participating in the American Voices Project has been both an intellectually and personally rewarding endeavor. It made it clear to me that the details of how American families are getting by are not well known among the general public. This project changes that. It provides narratives of American families that are largely missing from big data studies. There is a pressing need for more rich interviews on opportunity, ability, and agency, and I am glad to be at the forefront of meeting that need.”